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Basement Renovation includes Full Bathroom

Basement Remodeling Extends Living Space

Home upgrades in Southeastern Michigan often include a basement remodeling project. Better use of this below-ground space can add extra usable square footage to your lifestyle, and a basement renovation can be as economical or expensive as you want.

Whatever your desires are for the space, proper planning and building are critical for basement remodeling, so hiring a professional building contractor is often better than a do-it-yourself basement project.

Benefits of Basement Finishing

When you compare the costs of building an addition on your home to finishing the basement to make it more enjoyable, the basement project is usually more cost effective. Depending on the type of basement construction, there is a great return on your investment for the price of the project. Renovating a low-dug Michigan basement will typically be more expensive and require more work than finishing an existing poured concrete basement. But either one will extend the usable square footage of your home.

An unfinished basement often is poorly insulated; and heating a large, empty room can become costly. Finishing a basement can result in energy savings when insulation and energy-efficient windows are installed.

Multi-purpose design fits many lifestyles within the basement space. It may be time for some privacy for a home office or expanding the family entertainment space. Proper layout and design of the basement can meet many needs.

Build a cozy and quiet sanctuary by using the sound-barrier products that help eliminate noise traveling between the basement and first floor of the house.

Southeast Michigan Professional Basement Contractors

A qualified basement contractor understands the building codes needed for renovating this space. Besides structural changes that might be needed, there may be requirements or changes to the mechanical systems, electrical systems, and demands for passing a building inspection.

Materials used in a basement renovation should be mold resistant, water resistant and fire retardant. A custom home builder should understand the surrounding land topography, water table, and weather patterns in order to suggest the best design and materials for a finished basement.

Adding an additional HVAC zone to control the temperature in the basement may be necessary, which could require a furnace upgrade. Selecting the right type of lighting can have an impact on the space being used. The type of flooring selected can transform the space into a warm, comfortable sitting area or an easy-to-clean play area.

Basement renovations by Victory Builders, Inc. include:

  • Bathrooms
  • Billiard rooms
  • Entertainment areas
  • Game rooms
  • Guest bedrooms
  • Home gyms
  • Home office
  • Kids’ play rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Mother-in-law suites
  • Storage areas
  • Wet bars, wine cellars

Victory Builders, Inc. has completed many basement remodeling projects. Consider the space in your basement and what you’d like to use it for. Then, give us a call to talk through your dreams and get a detailed estimate!

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