Custom-Built Craftsman Home in Tecumseh Michigan

There are many reasons why families choose to build a custom home. Our clients wanted a new home in a closer proximity to the desired school for their daughters, in a location that had outdoor space to enjoy.

Here is the process of how we helped create the craftsman-style dream home for them.

Victory Builders had completed a custom kitchen remodeling project in their previous home. While it was hard for them to leave that “perfect kitchen”, they were ready to take that level of perfectionism into an entire new home.

When we made the decision to build a new home, we did not research any other builder because we knew that we could trust Victory Builders, based on our previous kitchen build.

Alicia Decker

The Vision

Finding the ideal location took a bit of time. As custom home builders, we often hear about great build locations. They knew the style of home they wanted; and were eager to dig into researching floor plans and layouts.

We wanted a craftsman home. I love the aesthetic of these styles; using old reclaimed barn beams in the ceilings, kitchen island and fireplace mantle. It makes it feel homey for us.

Design and Architecture

Sometimes, the homeowner needs help with a blueprint for their dream home. We can refer them to trusted local resources, confident that they will provide the exact quality service we’d expect for these families.

Our client had their vision set, and researched floor plans online. They knew the general layout and flow that they wanted…and talked through some options with us.

Knowing this family’s lifestyle helped make the perfect recommendations to the design and build. We could suggest adjustments that we knew they’d appreciate in years to come.

We found two house plans we liked and showed both to Dwayne and Scott. As local custom builders, they take the time to get a feel for your family, your lifestyle, how you live, whether formal or casual…they’re really good at guiding you along the way. They analyzed both plans and made recommendations for using one of them.

The layout showed a porch at the back of the home, but they decided to build it as a sunroom instead of a porch. This allows us to use that space year-round, and it’s one of my favorite parts of the house.

Product Selections

As local builders, we like to recommend local suppliers whenever possible. 

When it comes time to pick out flooring, cabinets, lighting and such, we have some trusted teams that we introduce our clients to.

Those suppliers give our clients the careful attention that we’d expect; and they take the time to help answer any questions along the way.

The Victory Builders team is really good at guiding you. They suggested things along the way plus some personal touches to put into the house.

They guide you step-by-step what to pick out – cabinets, carpet, flooring, etc. The process was easy and a lot of fun.

I wasn’t an expert on flooring or anything; but they knew our family – we have dogs and kid traffic.

We needed flooring to last, and they made recommendations based on my style and what would work out best.

Custom Touches

The style of a home often indicates what can be done to add the personal touch to the design. This project allowed us to bring the craftsman style to a new level with the customization that we incorporated into each room.

This family loved the look of wood and natural finishes. Based on their previous kitchen remodeling project, we knew we had some opportunity to bring in unique features.

There are incredible exposed ceiling beams throughout the open floor plan, custom kitchen cabinets and a hand-crafted, carved kitchen island that depicts their family’s vision.

The stone fireplace with unique wooden mantle is eye-catching as well as inviting for a place to cozy up in a comfy chair.

Feature walls and unique sliding barn doors in the bedrooms gave each room a comfortable, home-like feel. The basement layout with a kitchenette allows ample room for entertaining and playing games.

Our trim throughout the house was handmade, it wasn’t contractor packaging. They knew that I loved how craftsmen stuff looked. 

Their custom kitchen island was a total surprise, and it fits our family perfectly! It meant the world to us that they thought to do something so special like that for us.

Integrity and Follow-Through

We like to follow up with our families well after the build has been completed. We check in periodically to be sure everything is meeting their standards. We want to make sure that they are completely satisfied.

We trust these guys. When you’re building a home, that is a huge issue. That may be why people don’t build – they hire a contractor and they make a down payment and never get the home finished. We didn’t have any of that horrible experience.

With Victory Builders, we had such a great experience throughout the entire build process. You can tell that they truly love and enjoy what they are doing, and it shows.

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