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Southeast Michigan weather often requires some exterior home renovations. Freezing temperatures, wind, snow, sleet and hail, along with hot sun and humidity during the summer all take a toll on building materials, no matter how well-built a home is.

Exterior remodeling is an investment that many homeowners consider if they’ve owned a house for more than a decade. Some renovations can be simple but impactful, like changing the paint color of the house and trim. Others may cost a bit more initially, but home additions or other forms of outdoor upgrades provide many benefits to homeowners.

Exterior Renovations are Good for Home Maintenance

These often include home maintenance tasks that can also improve the visual impact of the exterior. Keeping up with harsh Michigan winters may require repairs or replacement to windows, doors, siding and roofing.

Window Replacement – newer energy-efficient windows can help cut down on drafts and keep the heat inside during the winter. Change smaller windows for larger, insulated windows that let more natural sunlight inside.

Siding Installation – wind, hail and sleet can quickly make any siding appear worn or dingy. Selecting the right type of siding for local weather conditions can provide long-lasting, low-maintenance value. And, choosing a new siding color will change the appearance of the entire house quickly.

Residential Roofing – even the best roofs need repair or replacement. While replacing the roof, consider upgrading or replacing the attic insulation, soffit, eaves and downspouts to ensure a leak-proof interior.

Curb Appeal Makeovers for Your Home

Subtle changes to the exterior of your home can result in a drastic improvement, helping it to stand out in the neighborhood. Some of the changes here also offer long-term residual value.

New Window Installation – changing window configuration can brighten up the outside of the house as well as add additional natural light inside. Different windows can include bay, dormer, skylight, clerestory, stained glass, distinctive architectural shapes, and more window options that offer drastic changes to the home appearance.

Garage Door Replacement – this simple change in one area of the home’s exterior can change the entire focal point of the home. It is also an area that brings a high return on the investment; sometimes recouping up to 98 percent of the investment cost when reselling the house.

New Entryway – changing the front door or bringing the porch roofline forward can give the appearance of a new, beautiful entryway.

Quality of Life Improvements with Outdoor Space Remodeling

While a bit more expensive, extensive outdoor renovations can drastically expand the total living area of your home. Here are some projects that Victory Builders, Inc. has worked on for local homeowners:

Second Story Add-Ons – increase the square footage of the home with a second story and suddenly there is more space for your growing family. The home value also increases and improves the overall appearance among other neighborhood homes.

Home Additions – adding another wing or extension to the home can give you the opportunity for a brand-new master suite, family entertainment area, in-law suite, or other design ideas.

Backyard Entertainment – extend family entertainment outdoors with a quality backyard deck that brings a focal point to outdoor grilling, a swimming pool, or eating area. A covered patio or pergola is another entertainment accent that offers outdoor living space during warm weather months.

Screened-in Porches – even during Michigan weather, a screened-in porch can offer additional living space during the warmer months. When built as a four-season room with heating, it expands the overall square footage of your home year-round.

If you are considering how exterior remodeling can improve and enhance your home, talk with the Victory Builders team; we can provide inspiration to help you determine the new look for your home.

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